Why Food First Consulting?

“I love helping buyers and suppliers do better business together”

Food First Consulting was founded by Malachy O’Connor, an experienced and passionate food industry professional. Over the years, he saw so many potentially great deals fall through, not because buyers and suppliers disagreed, but because they were on completely different pages, with completely different needs. Our vision is that those great, once in a decade deals, don’t need to be so rare.  Our mission is to help suppliers and buyers do better business together by understanding each other’s needs, by bridging the gap between them.

Food First Consulting bridges that gap.

Based in Ireland, we have a unique knowledge of the retail world with a broad skills set thanks to +20 years experience in food technology, buying, buying director and marketing director roles, in a variety of c-store, multiple and discount supermarket retailers.

We offer 3 core services:

Food First Consulting provides services to a broad spectrum of clients.

  1. Start-ups and smaller businesses can access advice either directly via Food First Consulting or via Enterprise Ireland where Malachy is a business mentor.
  2. SME and larger branded businesses can access support directly via Food First Consulting.
  3. Private Label focused manufacturers and retailers can engage via IPLC (International Private Label Consult).
We’re eager to discuss your business needs and answer any questions you may have.

Everything we do is based on our values:  Impact, Comradeship and Creativity.

We believe in living and working with integrity and empathy so that we can have a positive impact on the world. We’re stronger together, as comrades, we encourage and challenge each other, we have each others backs.  And we are diverse, so we take perspective and look at things differently finding creative solutions in unlikely places.

Food First Consulting was set up to bridge gaps.  We do that in three ways.

Retail Insights
Malachy will help you get you inside the heads of the major retailers and help you do more and better business by understanding their pressures, their dynamics, what they want and what they need.
Negotiation Skills
Malachy will train you and your team to negotiate effectively with potentially bigger and more powerful opponents. Malachy can also strategically support on specific negotiations.
Strategy Development
Malachy will work with your team to develop a business strategy, be that for your entire business or with a specific segment or customer in mind.


IPLC (International Private Label Consulting) is a boutique consultancy firm specialising in strategic consultancy services and project management support to manufacturers and retailers.

With a broad and unrivalled understanding of the Private Label industry, we help our clients with a pragmatic and action-orientated approach.

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What our Clients say
Glenisk has been working with Malachy since his departure from Tesco. Malachy’s insights have not only helped us forge closer ties with our retailers but his plain-speak and no-nonsense approach has assisted us in understanding retailer needs better than ever before. I believe that Malachy’s contribution to your company with ultimately enhance your bottom line and put you on a correct footing with your Retailers.
Vincent ClearyMD at Glenisk
I’ve known Malachy for over ten years now and can only recommend him as
a real professional in his food first consulting business. He is highly experienced, with knowledge in the purchasing and sales aspects of the food industry. It was important in my business that he was as passionate about food as I was, his support, enthusiasm and negotiation skills have helped my team immensely. Great balance of skills and an asset to any company.
Jackie ReidOwner & Sales Director at Deli Lites, Northern Ireland
Fantastic knowledge of the food industry and a great understanding of the economic challenges small to larger companies face in the current climate. A massive asset to any business.
Drew McIvorBusiness Development Executive at Invest Northern Ireland