Retailer Insights/NAM Training

Many clients start here.  They are probably already supplying the big retailers but have run into challenges:

  • Difficulties with a specific customer
  • New account team members that need fast-track training
  • The business is changing
  • Their counterparts are up-skilling
  • They are challenging themselves to be ‘the best’ and develop true partnerships


Retail Insights can be delivered in a variety of ways:

  • A one-day training course for groups
  • Three day, one to one training, with follow-up mentoring

Insights training is particularly relevant to supplier teams and consists of interactive sessions looking at:

  • The key dynamics in the food retail sector
  • The strategies that Retailers are using to respond to these pressures/opportunities
  • The key things a supplier needs to get right to optimise their relationship
  • Your team will complete a self-assessment questionnaire in advance of the course to identify strengths & weaknesses, putting themselves in the shoes of the buyers. We review this as a group, with a focus on taking action.
  • We complete an ‘end to end’ SWOT of the business so that your team can have complete clarity about their points of strength and leverage when dealing with customers. This also gives you some focus when you are looking at development opportunities at a team level.
We’re eager to discuss your business needs and answer any questions you may have.