Business Strategy Development

Many of our clients are successful businesses with a track record of consistent growth.

For many years the business thrived but the market has become much more competitive and dynamic. Variables like commodity costs, currency, and Brexit are making companies stop and think about their strategies.


Diagnosis is vital in any problem-solving exercise. Very often we think we know what the key problems are. Sometimes we’re correct, but mostly there are other issues at play. Malachy will discuss the business with all the relevant stakeholders e.g. senior management, staff, suppliers and customers. He’ll even review your competitors to get a benchmark. This 360° approach will unearth the real challenges in any business.

Values are important. They define who we are, and what your business stands for. Values, widely shared and openly lived, are the key difference between a good business and a great business. Malachy will help you to identify your values by working with your wider team to get under the skin of what makes you tick

Based on your values, the next step is to identify a simple brand position. This phase will define your Vision, Mission and Purpose i.e. your Why, How and What. We’ll work together to define the change that your business wants to bring to the world, what you’ll do to bring this change to life and the day to day activities that constitute your business.

The next step is to immerse ourselves in the data. Malachy will work with your senior management team to get underneath the bonnet of the company KPI data and market data combined with the outputs of the stakeholder surveys.

The immersion phase allows us to complete a full ‘end to end’ SWOT with actual data. We look at the entire business from sourcing to production, people, communication, QA, marketing, logistics, sales, innovation, customers and competitors. The outputs of the SWOT form the basis of the business strategy plan.

The Business Strategy is simply a plan that keeps everyone focused on some key objectives which will help to move us closer to delivering our company mission. Its important that the strategy not only moves us forward to completing our mission but is aligned with our values and our capabilities. Malachy works with your senior management team to develop this plan.

Finally, Malachy will work with your internal Project Managers to build an implementation plan with a milestone tracker, project owners and appropriate KPIs.


Here is a visual explanation of the strategic planning model.

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We’re eager to discuss your business needs and answer any questions you may have.